Starting a New Business

If you  have started or are considering starting a business or nonprofit, let me be the first to congratulate you on this exciting time!  I am glad you are visiting my website and hope to offer you some advise to get you started.  I know there is a lot to do when you start your company, so let’s just focus on your accounting system.

Most of us have joined a gym. If you were like me, the first time you went you were a little intimidated by all the fitness equipment around you. Maybe you didn’t know how to use the equipment or operate the treadmill, so you hired a fitness trainer to show you around the gym and how to use the equipment.

Setting up a new accounting system for the first time is much the same way. It’s intimidating and confusing even if the accounting software walks you through the set-up. Like using gym equipment for the first time, you think you are using it correctly, but until an expert shows you how, you don’t really know if you are doing it right.

That’s where I come in. Think of me as your “fitness trainer” for your accounting needs.


Set up your accounting system for the first time


Teach you the basics of navigating your new system – You can do this!


Provide you with on-going support

My goal is to help you set up your accounting system correctly from day one, so you do not have to pay hundreds of dollars to have it fixed later.

Why is setting up your accounting system correctly from the start so important?

It stores valuable information!

Your accounting system can serve several useful purposes for you and your company from the very beginning.

Track Your Cash Flow

   Create Budgets

Manage Expenses

Keep Detailed Client Information

See Business Trends

Determine Which Jobs are Profitable (or not)

Track Receivables

Track Sales Tax

Record Payroll

 Knowing Your Business

If your accounting system is set up incorrectly, you are, at best, missing valuable information you need to know.  At worst, you are getting incorrect information that could cost you money for making a mistake (think sales tax, payroll taxes, income taxes).

Get a system in place now!

It doesn’t matter if you are a one-person show or a multi-million dollar corporation; your company needs a system for paying bills and collecting money. The system you create when your business opens its doors – whether it is using pen and paper, or QuickBooks or Excel – will be the basis for getting the information you need to run your company. If you have a poor system from the start, you will get poor information. Just like the saying says: “Garbage in, garbage out.”

Complete my online questionnaire and let’s get started!

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Getting your system set up correctly from day one sets you up for success!  Running your own business has its challenges. Don’t let this be one of them. Let’s get you set up right from the start with good information and a good financial system today!